Antique Welding Engineering Documents!

A former Chair of the Welding Engineering Department, Karl Graff, sent over some wonderful documents about welding that can be found below. Please check them out!

OSU WE Photo Essay

  • “‘A Photographic Essay on the Department of WE.” This was used for recruiting and general informational purposes. Not certain of the exact date, but since my tenure was 1979 – 1987, believe this was in first 3-4 years, so say 1982, 1983. A very crudely done doc, using a dot matrix printer and the old fashioned scissors and paste approach.”

Welding in Ohio brochure

  • “This was a flat-out selling document when we were going after the Edison grant to form EWI. Thus, little on the department, but much on making the case for importance of welding  that would still hold today.”

OSU WE Past, Present, Future

  • “‘OSU Dept of WE – unique past, ….etc.’ In 1991, the Ohio Academy of Sciences launched, with much fanfare, a contest (not so named, but amounted to same) to identify leading Ohio sites of discovery and innovation. I had gone to EWI by then, but felt the unique OSU WE department admirably met the criteria of the ‘contest’ and proceeded to submit the very extensive nomination form, including letters of support by many of the major companies and organizations of that day (AWS, Lincoln, TWI, etc). The brochure attached was a part of that package. However, the OAS never followed through in closing their big fanfare initiative, so all efforts were wasted. However, again for the ‘ancient alumni’ I thought there might be a bit of interest in some of the people in the doc, as well as the still valid case of importance of welding”