Outstanding Alumni Awards

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To honor former residents of the OSU Stadium Scholarship Program whose outstanding deeds will serve as good examples for others, particularly students and young adults.


Nominees for any of the awards must:

  • Have lived in the Stadium Scholarship Dormitory or the Stadium Scholarship Program for at least three quarters or two semesters.
  • Be willing to have this recognition publicized as an example for youth to strive to match.
  • Nominator must be a dues paying member of SSAS.


Professional Achievement Award
This award will be presented to alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their professions and have a superb record of distinguished career accomplishments. Please consider the following when submitting your nomination:

  • Career accomplishments
  • Professional impact
  • Significant publications/research (primary authorship) —no more than five, please
  • Community service

Citizenship Award
This award will be presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves in service to humanity and who have best exemplified the University’s motto, “Education for Citizenship,” by having performed significant voluntary service to their community beyond the call of business or professional duty. Please consider the following when submitting your nomination:

  • Service to humanity
  • Service to community

Outstanding Young Alumni Award
This award will be presented to young alumni who have demonstrated distinctive achievement in a career, civic involvement, or both. Nominees must not reach their 36th birthday during the year in which the award is to be given. Please consider the following areas when submitting your nomination:

  • Career achievements
  • Civic involvement
  • Age 35 or younger


Submit one nomination form per nominee per award.

Use of the Society’s nomination form is required. See below to complete the form.

Nominations must be submitted to the Chairperson of the Alumni Awards Committee of the Society.

Please answer the following questions (answers should be limited to half a page each).

1. How has the nominee shown exceptional leadership in their service or profession?
2. Please list nominee’s top three accomplishments in leadership and service.
3. List any other supporting information as to why the nominee is an ideal candidate for this award.

Should letters of support be submitted, no more than 2 will be accepted and each must be limited to one page each by persons other than the nominator.


Please submit nominations using this form.

Past Winners
2023 Sonia (Chadwell) Ferencik
2022 Dr. Paul Droste
2021 No winner
2020 Greg Daniel
2019 Rafael Pagan
2018 Eva Bradshaw
2017 Greg Kirstein
2016 Bruce McPheron
2015 Michael Abernathy
2014 No winner
2013 Martha Campbell
2012 No winner
2011 No winner
2010 No winner
2009 Dan Myers
2008 No winner
2007 No winner
2006 No winner
2005 No winner
2004 Tom Hone
2003  William E. Black
2003 Robert S. Tennant
2002 John O. Montgomery
2002 Hart F. Page
2001 Larry Hohler
2001 Col. E. Lawrence Sluga
2000 Ted Gastier
2000 Dr. Robert N. Miller
1999 No winner
1998 Robert H. Tippett
1997 Edwin E. Graves
1996 Charles W. Gehrke
1996 John W. Graham, Jr.
1995 Gerald Borin
1995 Wendell H. Botkin, Jr.
1994 Wayne G. English
1994 Robert I. Erwin
1994 Leroy G. Steinbeck
1993 Charles D. Diesm, DVM
1993 Frederick W. Peters
1993 Alton I. Smith
1992 Ronald F. Baker
1992 Donald W. Games
1992 William H. Whitaker
1991 Edward W. Hope
1991 James Ripley
1991 Dana S. Still
1990 Roland Elderkin
1990 James Rickey, Jr.
1990 Mike Stinziano
1989 Jacob Galicia
1989 Henry Schriver
1989 Leo Seybold
1989 Dr. Frederick Zuspan
1988 Dr. Morris Battles
1988 Wendell Ellenwood
1988 Dr. Richard Mackey
1988 Dr. Ray Skinner
1987 John Mount