We Went Beyond Our Goal!

We went beyond our goal!  Thank you so much for your generous support of the 26th annual National Coming Out Day Ad that ran in yesterday’s Lantern.  It was a record year for us and we surpassed our goal so over $10,000 will go directly to student scholarships. 

Unfortunately, we failed to realize that there is a lag time between when you made your contribution and when we pulled the final list.  This resulted in 21 names not appearing in the ad and I want to recognize their generosity here and acknowledge how sorry I am for the oversight. 

Thank you again to everyone and a special shout out to the following supporters: Aaron Kreais, Logan Oates, Douglas Raver, Christina Whisler, Mary Beazley, Jason Calhoun, Lisa Cravens-Brown, Tamara Davis, Patrice Dickerson, Kathy Grandinetti, Kimberly Gray, Rebecca Kemper, Deborah Merritt, Christopher Pease, Thomas Reeves, Todd Starker, Victorian Village Dental Care, Pamela Watts, Angela Wellman and Greg Needs