Carmen Ohio

Oh! Come let’s sing Ohio’s praise,
And songs to Alma Mater raise;
While our hearts rebounding thrill,
With joy which death alone can still.
Summer’s heat and Winter’s cold,
The season pass, the years will roll;
Time and change will surely show
How firm thy friendship — O – hi – o.

These jolly days of priceless worth,
By far the gladdest days of earth,
Soon will pass and we not know
How dearly we love Ohio.
We should strive to keep thy name
Of fair repute and spotless fame;
So, in college halls we’ll grow
To love thee better — O – hi – o

Though age may dim our mem’ry’s store,
We’ll think of happy days of yore,
True to friend and frank to foe,
As sturdy sons of O – hi – o.
If on seas of care we roll,
‘Neath blackened sky, o’er barren shoal,
Thoughts of thee bid darkness go,
Dear Alma Mater — O – hi – o.

Buckeye Battle Cry

In old Ohio there’s a team
That’s known throughout the land,
Eleven warriors, brave and bold,
Whose fame will ever stand,
And when the ball goes over,
Our cheers will reach the sky,
O – hi – O field will hear again
The Buckeye Battle Cry Drive!
Drive on down the field,
Men of the scarlet and grey,
Don’t let them through that line,
We have to win this game today,
C’mon Ohio!
Smash through to victory,
We cheer you as we go,
Our honor defend,
We will fight to the end,
for O – hi – O

Hang On, Sloopy

Sloopy lives in a very bad part of town
And everybody, yeah, tries to put my Sloopy down
Sloopy, I don’t care what your daddy do
Cause you know Sloopy girl, I’m in love with you

And so I sing out

Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy Hang on

Sloopy let your hair down, girl, let it hang down on me
Sloopy let your hair down, girl, let it hang down on me, yeah, yeah
So come on Sloopy,
(c’mon, c’mon)
Come on Sloopy
(c’mon, c’mon)
You know it feels so good
(c’mon, c’mon)
You know it feels so good
(c’mon, c’mon)
So shake it, shake it, Sloopy
(C’mon, c’mon)
Shake it shake it yeah
(C’mon, c’mon)

I Wanna Go Back

I wanna go back to Ohio State
to old Columbus town.
To the stadium to hear the band
by far the finest in the land.
I wanna go back to Ohio State
to old Columbus town.
I wanna go back… I gotta go back…
to O – hi – O

Ohio… Ohio…

The hills ring out the cry…
We’re here to do or die…

Ohio… Ohio…

We’ll win the game or know the reason why…
and when we win the game…
we’ll buy a keg of booooooze…
and… we’ll…
drink to old Ohio till we wobble in our shoes.

Ohio… Ohio…

We’ll win the game…
or know the reason why…

O – hi – O

Fight the Team Across the Field

Fight the team across the field
Show them Ohio’s here
Set the Earth reverberating With a mighty cheer
O – hi – O
Hit them hard and see how they fall
Never let that team get the ball
Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here

So let’s win that old conference now!
Oh, Ohio! You’re all a bunch of bums
Oh, Ohio! We’re not a bunch of bums
Wahoo! Wahoo for Ohio!
[Repeat the first 8 lines]

Ramp Entrance, Buckeye Battle Cry, & Le Regiment


Chimes, Carmen Ohio, & Fight The Team