The Ohio State University Retirees Association is a terrific source for information, entertainment, collegiality, and friendship. An Executive Board and ten standing committees guide activities geared to improve and maintain members’ vibrant physical, mental, and financial health.

Since its founding in 1983, OSURA has enhanced the well-being of its members through educational, cultural, and recreational programs, as well as kept them informed of state and University pension and benefit policies.

Events, most of them free, answer curiosity and encourage companionship, both especially important to mental and physical health. There are monthly special interest group (SIG) get-togethers, presentations on current topics, education about health and wellness, and ways to plain enjoy life.

The association also impacts students’ wellness through the new OSURA Endowment Fund to Combat Student Food Insecurity. It benefits the Buckeye Food Alliance, a student-run food pantry.


The Ohio State University Retirees Association aspires to become the most effective organization possible to help members attain optimum satisfaction in their retirement years.


OSURA provides a variety of services that enrich the lives of its members and benefit the University and the greater community.


  • To provide a wide range of activities, including educational, informational, cultural, social, travel, and volunteer opportunities.
  • To monitor and share information on benefits affecting health and lifestyle choices.
  • To increase membership.
  • To advance all modes of communication with its members, as well as the

University and greater community, via the OSURA’s Newsletter, Membership Directory, website, and other appropriate avenues.

  • To assist and serve The Ohio State University in accomplishing its mission and goals.
  • To encourage and create opportunities for retirees to help other retirees.
  • To develop further the OSURA’s endowments.
  • To be an efficient retiree organization.