2015-16 OSULA Scholarship Recipient: Pasadena’s Chris Owen Reflects on 1st Week as a Buckeye


Pasadena, Calif. (Marshall Fundamental High School)

My name is Chris Owen and I am a freshman at The Ohio State University, studying engineering. I was born and raised in Southern California and lived in Pasadena, California all of my life. I can’t wait to begin this amazing and memorable journey at THE Ohio State University. I am looking forward to the change from busy urban Los Angeles to college life in Columbus.

I ended up at OSU due to a very interesting turn of events. In high school, I visited UCLA for a college fair for colleges representing the arts. At the time, I was an avid member of my high school’s jazz band (I played the tenor saxophone), and my college counselors recommended that I give a USB with a recording of me playing to any colleges that really interested me. I ended up taking a serious interest in OSU at the college fair and gave the representatives there my high school resume and a USB. I didn’t honestly expect anything to come from it, so I was extremely surprised when I was later contacted by the Vice Dean of the Arts Department and the head of the Arts Scholars, who guaranteed me a spot in the program if I chose to apply. Honestly, that little bit of extra effort really paid off, and I knew immediately that becoming a student at OSU would take me places. So I followed my intuition and here I am now, having a blast.

I moved in on August 22 and have already begun to fall in love with OSU. So far I’ve enjoyed dorming with my roommate Kage in the Arts Scholars program, and I’ve enjoyed meeting all of my new dorm neighbors in Baker West. The sense of unity in the Arts Scholars dorm is amazing to me, and many of my floormates actually feel like a part of my family already. I’m not sure if these kinds of people are native to OSU in general or just the Arts Scholars, but so far, I’m loving it!

I am also looking forward to my time away from Southern California and will enjoy the experience of changing weather. I bought a warm jacket, sweaters, and boots and believe I am ready. This will be a fun and completely different experience.

I am grateful for the support of the OSULA alumni and the generous scholarship award that they gave me. I look forward to keeping you up to date on my freshman experiences at THE Ohio State. It promises to be an amazing year and I am VERY excited.

All the best,

Chris Owen