OSU Men’s Glee Club (MGC) Alumni Fund: 645432

The OSU Men’s Glee Club and alumni are dedicated to providing financial help to current Glee Club students!

OSU MGC Alumni Fund: 403243

Discretionary undergraduate Men’s Glee Club fund

The Carmen Ohio Fund: 601132

Used for immediate needs of the Men’s Glee Club, including blazers, tour costs, and so forth.

The Howard R. Hill Scholarship Fund

The annual income shall be used to provide one or more scholarships for an instate male voice student enrolled at The Ohio State University at the junior or senior level with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The recipients are to be talented but are not required to belong to a choral group. The scholarship is to be awarded annually and is not renewable. Selection of the recipients shall be made by the Director of the School of Music in consultation with voice faculty members and the University Committee on Student Financial Aid.

The J. Norman Staiger OSUMGC Memorial Scholarship Fund: 606885

This fund was established in 1982 by friends and members of the OSU Men’s Glee Club in memory of Professor Staiger. The fund provides a scholarship to a member of the glee club who has completed at least one year in the club.

The Maria A Melnyk Franks Memorial Scholarship Fund: 522288

Established in 1995 in memory of Maria A Melnyk Franks by AGC Board Member Richard L Franks, family and friends. The fund awards a scholarship to a glee club member each year. Three scholarships are awarded annually for

  • piano major
  • music major
  • marching band member
The Galbreath-Phillips Fund

This fund was established by John W Galbreath in 1974. It provides income to support the glee club.

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