Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are collections of photographs or pictures sharing a common theme. Your group might have photo galleries of game watch parties or member pictures, for example.

Gallery window - click to enlarge

Gallery window – click to enlarge

  1. To add a photo gallery, first create a page or post to hold the gallery.
  2. On the page edit screen, place your cursor in the content where you would like to insert the gallery
  3. Click the Add Media button above the visual editor icon bar
  4. In the Insert Media window, click Create Gallery from the vertical menu on the left.
  5. If your images haven’t been uploaded yet, click the Upload Files tab to save your images to the web server. Note that you can upload more than one image at once.
  6. Place a check mark next to each image you would like to include in the gallery.
  7. For each image, enter an appropriate title, caption, and ALT text.
  8. Click the Create a New Gallery button.
  9. On the Edit Gallery Screen, Drag and drop the images to re-order them.
  10. Select Link to Media File and the number of columns for the image grid on the gallery page. 5 columns is a good place to start.
  11. Finally, click the Insert Gallery button.

Upon saving your page, thumbnails of the gallery images will be displayed in a grid view within the page content. If the grid looks odd, try changing the number of columns. Clicking an image will open a full screen slide show of all the gallery images.

Gallery controlsTo edit a gallery, open the page edit screen and click once on the gallery images. Controls will appear in the upper left corner of the gallery. Click the pencil icon to edit the gallery and the X icon to remove it from the page.