Getting Started

Where is My Site?

Your site can be accessed at two different URLs. Replace “mysite” with your site name.


We recommend using the second URL to promote your site. It is cleaner, shorter, and indicates both your affiliation with the university and alumni audience.

Log In

To start publishing content to your new site, you’ll need to log in to the administrative interface.

  1. Point your browser to
  2. When prompted, log in with your Ohio State identity (your name.# account)
  3. If you manage more than one alumni site, make sure you select the appropriate site from the “My Sites” menu in the top tool bar.

If you can’t log in or don’t see any sites listed in your “My Sites” menu. Your site may not be ready yet. Contact Alumni Customer Support to check the status of your site.

The Administration Screen

Upon logging in, you will see the WordPress dashboard. This is the administrative interface for your web site. You will use this screen to add, update, and arrange your site’s content. You can also change the look-and-feel of the site and alter settings that control various site behaviors.

the wordpress dashboardThe administrative screen contains three major sections.

  1. The Toolbar, located along the top of the screen, contains quick links and other helpful shortcuts. The toolbar will remain at the top of the screen if you are logged in to the dashboard and choose to preview your website. Use it to quickly jump back in to the editing screens.
  2. The Navigation Menu is located along the left-hand side of the screen and contains links to all of the editorial and administrative functions you can perform. Clicking a menu item will take you to the section and may reveal additional menu links. Hover your mouse pointer over a menu item for quick access to these sub-items. To save screen space, try clicking the “Collapse menu” link to hide the menu until it is needed.
  3. The rest of the screen contains the Work Area and provides controls for your current action. After logging in, you are on the Dashboard screen, which contains an overview of recent site activity and WordPress news, You can also publish a quick content draft right from this screen.

Screen Options and Help

screen option and help tabs in the work areaIn the upper-right corner of the screen, right under the toolbar, you will often see two drop-down menus: Screen Options and Help. Expanding Screen Options will show you a list of fields or modules to display in the work areas of a given screen. Placing a check mark next to an option enables it. There may be different options for each screen.

The Help menu contains a quick reference for the tasks performed on a screen and links to different help topics in the WordPress Codex.


Screen options menu expanded