Your web site can be used to promote your group’s events and gatherings. The site can display events on the front page, in a list view or in a calendar.

Events are managed from the Events screen in the administration menu. Working with events is very similar to working with pages or posts with addition of a few extra pieces of information. To edit an existing event, click its title in the event list or click the Quick Edit link to make a quick update. To add a new event, click the Add New button on the Events screen.

Event Edit Screen

Event dates

Event dates

Editing or adding an event begins the same way as a page or post. Give the event a title and a description using the visual editor. Like other forms of content, you can add text, images and video to the event description. Events can also be tagged and placed into categories. Note that event categories are not the same as post categories used elsewhere on the site and must be created separately. They can be created from the Events > Event categories screen in the administration menu.

Once you have added the initial content, the Edit Event screen requires additional details to properly display your event. The most important are the time and date settings. All events should have a start date/time. If the event is “all day” with no end time place a check mark next to All Day Event. Otherwise, add an end date/time as well.

You can also show visitors details of an event beyond date and time. Events can contain information about the location, address, venue, organizers, event website, and the event cost. These details are optional, but can be provided if necessary.

Event Lists

Events can be displayed on the front page of your site using the Events Feed widget. They will also appear in the main calendar view at The calendar can show both a list view and a traditional monthly grid of events.


There are a number of settings that control the way events are entered and displayed. They can be found on the Events > Settings screen in the administration menu. More information can be found in the Events Calendar Documentation.