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The Ohio State Alumni Club of Indianapolis Scholarship fund has been established through the hard work of our club members, the generosity of our donors and the many Buckeye fans and alumni. Our club is proud to provide scholarships to students in the club area, accepted at Ohio State and are committed to attend. Students from the club area may be awarded scholarship money based on the following criteria:

Preferably be admitted to the University.
Record of participation in school, community, extracurricular activities, and academic merit.

Quality of answers to several essay questions.
And possibly, a personal interview with our local Scholarship Committee.

ScholarshipUniverse simplifies the process of finding and applying for internal and external scholarships at Ohio State. This platform hosts all alumni club scholarships. Apply and/or update your profile each year by The Ohio State University priority date for maximum aid consideration.

Log in to ScholarshipUniverse using your Ohio State username (lastname.#) and password. Need instructions for activating your username? Contact Buckeye Link, 614-292-OHIO, for assistance.

Further information on scholarships and Financial Aid at Ohio State can be found here

We recommend that students who are juniors in high school begin to consider what colleges they want to attend. It is also suggested that their applications to schools be sent in by November 1st. The Ohio State Alumni Club of Greater Indianapolis offers scholarships to Indiana high school students who attend Ohio State in the Fall. Scholarship applications to our club are due by February 1st of each year. The categories of the application include academic (grades), extra curricular activities, work activities, and volunteering. 2010 was our first year to begin giving out scholarships to Indiana students.

So far the Club has awarded over $30,000 in scholarships to Indiana students attending Ohio State.

Learn more about our endowment fund here.