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All alumni are eligible to join an alumni society committee. The Executive Committee and the Awards Committee are elected positions, but other committees are open to volunteers. Want to join a committee? Email us at

Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee is responsible for establishing ad hoc committees and coordinating their activities, establishing the calendar of major events, developing the budget, establishing objectives for the Society, and reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws at least every third year. They are elected by the alumni base for two-year terms. 

Awards Committee

The Awards committee consists of former HSMP Alumni Society presidents. The committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee concerning society-sponsored awards, university-sponsored awards, and other professional awards, as appropriate. The immediate past president serves as the Awards Committee Chairperson. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) is responsible for (1) advising the Alumni Society and HSMP program leadership on challenges and opportunities related to student and alumni diversity and inclusion and (2) developing activities and programs focused on healthcare equity.  

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee is responsible for developing and executing strategies to engage alumni. One such strategy is the Regional Ambassador Program, which connects current and future alumni throughout the country.

Management Institute Committee

The Management Institute Committee is responsible for planning an educational session typically held in the fall. The committee will develop objectives for Management Institute, secure speakers and a meeting location, develop publications related to the event, and any other tasks affiliated with this meeting.