Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Virtual programming guide for clubs and societies

Virtual events and engagement opportunities

As we adjust to the profound changes we’re experiencing due to COVID-19, we’re finding new ways to connect with our fellow Buckeyes. We’ve included some ideas here for category-one events, which provide continued engagement as we prioritize safety.

Tips for hosting board meetings

Scheduling, agenda planning and more.

Audio and video conference options for OSUAA clubs and societies

Resource guide for hosting virtual board meetings and events.

Updated Workfront club and society virtual programming request

To help you connect and engage with your fellow Buckeyes, OSUAA has put together new ways to support your groups and the virtual events you’d like to host.

How can my Club or Society utilize OSUAA resources to host one of these virtual engagement events?

Learn how to use OSUAA resources to help with event hosting, registration, reporting and more.

Registration for virtual club and society events

OSUAA will request attendance information from your virtual events so we know who is engaged with the university. Review your options for your group when handling registrations.

Zoom guide for attendees

Zoom is an audio/video conferencing tool you can use to connect with fellow group members.