Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Virtual programming guide for clubs and societies

Alumni Association support for FY22:

  • OSUAA will continue providing support for high profile speakers and virtual events with senior leadership involvement
  • OSUAA will continue providing support for all:
    • Virtual board, officer and annual/business meetings
  • Virtual support available to Clubs and Societies will be offered based on group tier
    • Scarlet tier groups will be offered 1 virtual event support per quarter (4x yearly)
    • Gray tier groups will be offered 1 virtual event support per year
    • Societies only: If your group is supported by an ARO, please connect with them to offer virtual support before asking OSUAA
  • Lead time requests will change to 60 days for virtual events to set staff/groups up for success.
Additional Support
  • Groups are always welcome to utilize their own zoom licensing to produce events
  • OSUAA can create training resources for groups should they decide to host events within their own Zoom accounts

FY22 Virtual Event Support Update

Over the last two years, we found that virtual programming is of incredible value to further engage Buckeyes around the world. Below is more information on what kind of support OSUAA can provide your group for virtual engagement opportunities in FY22.

In-person event guidance

Updated June 2021

Thank you for your continued efforts during the pandemic to help keep Buckeyes connected and engaged throughout the world. The staff at The Ohio State University Alumni Association knows that your group is excited to resume in-person events and, and our Regional Engagement and Society Liaisons are here to guide your efforts to ensure a safe and meaningful experience for your Buckeyes. 

If your club or society is interested in planning and hosting in-person events, we are strongly encouraging your group to follow all CDC guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy experience for your alumni, fans, and friends. In addition to the CDC guidelines, we also strongly recommend that your group follow any guidelines outlined by your state, local, and city health departments. 

If you have any questions regarding in-person events, we encourage you to contact your Regional Engagement Officer or Society Liaison.

Virtual program ideas and best practices

We’re finding new ways to connect with our fellow Buckeyes. We’ve included some ideas here for Category 1 events, which provide continued engagement as we prioritize safety.

Game watch update

The Alumni Association in cooperation with the University will not support any in-person football game watch events, which includes marketing, swag, and reimbursements.  We want to ensure the student-athletes and our communities stay safe and healthy, and by cheering on the Buckeyes at home, we can all do our part. In this update, we’ve outlined some alternative activities to keep your members engaged with your alumni group and Ohio State. 

Scholarship fundraising mask opportunity

Exclusive opportunity for club and society groups to fundraise by selling Buckeye-themed face masks. For each mask purchase, $4 will go to your group’s scholarship fund.

Testimonials from your peers

Club and society Leaders share their thoughts on virtual programming.

Tips for hosting board meetings

Scheduling, agenda planning and more.

Audio and video conference options for OSUAA clubs and societies

Resource guide for hosting virtual board meetings and events.

Updated Workfront club and society virtual programming request

To help you connect and engage with your fellow Buckeyes, OSUAA has put together new ways to support your groups and the virtual events you’d like to host.

How can my Club or Society utilize OSUAA resources to host one of these virtual engagement events?

Learn how to use OSUAA resources to help with event hosting, registration, reporting and more.

Registration for virtual club and society events

OSUAA will request attendance information from your virtual events so we know who is engaged with the university. Review your options for your group when handling registrations.

Zoom guide for attendees

Zoom is an audio/video conferencing tool you can use to connect with fellow group members.