Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Game Day

If your club plans to gather with alumni, parents and friends of the university, take a little bit of time to plan through your game day activities, and help ensure a flawless game day experience for everyone involved. See below for a few tips and tricks we think will make your game day celebration a success:

    • Make sure you have a safe, fun and accessible location to watch the game secured in advance. Meet with the establishment contact to discuss logistics and explore ways in which your club and establishment can support fundraising goals.
    • Game day is a great time to have fun while making connections that will grow your club and help reach fundraising goals.
        • If at all possible, assign leaders, “captains,” to various key stations to assist with event execution.
      • For example, assigned captains should sign-in members and guests (obtain name, e-mail, phone number, and graduation year) at the front door, while an additional captain might serve as point-person for new member recruitment and club fundraising.
    • Show your Buckeye spirit by decorating the space with official Ohio State gear!
    • Take a lot of pictures for your social media accounts and e-mail them to us ( following the game.
      • Additionally, it’s always best to ask those being photographed if they consent to having their photograph taken as it may be used on social media or other marketing materials.
    • Game day activities serve as yet another way to promote the values of The Ohio State University and keep alumni, family and friends connected no matter their distance from campus.
    • As always, celebrate the Buckeyes and the university responsibly.
  • After the game, invite everyone back to watch the next Buckeye victory! Be sure to follow-up with a thank-you message to event attendees as well as event captains and volunteers.