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Club and Society Golf Outing Support

Program Summary
Golf Outings have traditionally been an annual event for clubs and societies and are often a major scholarship fundraiser for these groups. The Ohio State University Alumni Association is offering registration options (outlined below), encouraging best practices, and helping facilitate purchases for items for use in goody bags, team prizes, and door prizes at the event.

Resources and Best Practices
Online registration for club and society golf outings
o The OSUAA will help facilitate online registration for clubs and societies golf outings, which includes individual player registration, team or foursome registration, bundles (mulligans, raffle tickets, and extras), and sponsorship registration
o Clubs and societies who wish to take advantage of the online registration option are required to submit their event information via Workfront six weeks prior to the date that the group would like registration to go live on their website.
o With regards to sponsorship opportunities registration, alumni groups are strongly encouraged to determine the dollar amounts for each sponsorship level that will be used towards their scholarship vs the amount used for any goods or services provided to the sponsor. For example, if an alumni group includes a foursome registration with a sponsorship opportunity, the dollar amount of the foursome is not tax-deductible and that dollar amount would need to be deducted from the amount included in the tax receipt
o Groups who elect to utilize OSUAA for registration services cannot accept registrations in any other manner leading up to the event. In other words, if a group is accepting player and sponsorship registrations through the OSUAA, the group may not collect registrations via checks, cash, or another online platform. Day-of sales at the event is the only exception.

o Many golf outings include special day-of purchases at the event, such as mulligans, raffles, and other golfing-specific items (such as a free ball drop, etc). In the past, these extras were typically sold a la carte. For alumni groups utilizing OSUAA resources, we strongly encourage you to abandon the “wallet walk” at the event and, instead, bundle these items together as a single package for each participant. Golf outing participants anticipate that they will be spending money on extras at these events, and this practice allows for an easy “one time” transaction, and will help make for a more efficient and friendly check-in process for participants at the event. Additionally, these bundles can be made available for sale during the online registration process.

“Swag” for Golf Outings
o The OSUAA has worked with suppliers at Proforma and American Solutions for Business to help clubs and societies with procuring items for door prizes and goody bags for your group’s golf outing. Proforma has many golf-specific items that you can have imprinted with your group’s approved logo. American Solutions for Business has officially-licensed Buckeye themed items that are perfect for both door prizes and goody bags.
o In order to help both the vendor and the OSUAA make sure that your items arrive in-advance of your golf outing, please place your order at least 4 weeks ahead of your event.

Proforma –

American Solutions – and

Next Steps for Alumni Groups
If you’re interested in taking advantage of these resource for your group’s golf outing, please reach out to your Regional Engagement Officer or Society Liaison and begin planning!