Resources for Alumni Volunteers

New Alumni Group Board Member Onboarding Process

  1. Start a “Board Buddy” program in the alumni group to help new board members get acclimated to their new role.  Duties of Board Buddies:
    • 1-year commitment
    • Sit with the assigned new member at board meetings
    • Meet in advance of 1st meeting
    • Share with the new board member some of their reasons why they volunteer
  2. If the alumni group does not already have one, create a document outlining board responsibilities
  3. Assign a Board Buddy to new board members
  4. Give new board member these items before their first board meeting (1 month before the first meeting) and ask them to review them in preparation for Orientation meeting:
    • Alumni Association Guiding Principles
    • Overview of the society board history and work
    • Copy of the alumni group’s Constitution & By-laws (if applicable)
    • Most recent alumni group’s board minutes
    • Alumni Groups Handbook (give hard copy, if available)
    • Alumni group’s board roster with contact information
  5. Alumni Group President & Board Buddy plan a 1-hour orientation session for new board member an hour before first board meeting
    • Orientation Agenda:
      • History of the Alumni Group
        • When was the group founded?
        • What is their membership (all alumni, donation-based or dues-based) and who is eligible to be a member?
        • What are their signature events?
        • Any additional history about the group
      • Relationship with OSUAA
        • Review the group’s charter
        • Scarlet, Gray and Carmen Status (pgs. 12-13 in Alumni Group Handbook)
        • Event categories (pg. 13 in Alumni Group Handbook)
        • Incentive and Reimbursable programming funds.
    • Review board member position requirements:
      • Pre-existing passion for the cause
      • Eagerness to participate at every meeting
      • Willing to prepare ahead for meetings
      • Anxious to serve on committees
      • Supportive, but willing to express their own opinion
      • Strives to learn as much as possible
    • Board Expectations:
      • Review Board Responsibilities document and have new board member & president sign the document
      • Give new board member a copy of the signed document
    • Review the Alumni Group Handbook – with emphasis on:
    • Review Alumni Groups Website resources with emphasis on:
    • Additional questions from the new board member
  6. Plan an informal social event so new board member can get to know others on the board