Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Email Options

Email, emails and more emails! Below is a gallery of some we have created for our alumni clubs and societies. All email requests should be submitted via Workfront.

Visit our Workfront tutorial page to learn more.

Layout examples

• Letter from President (Orange County)

• Survey (Northwest Arkansas)

• Board Recruitment (Boston)

• Events Digest (API)

• Membership Drive (Black Alumni Society)

• Newsletter (Stadium Scholarship)

We also highly recommend that your group keep an active group-administered mailing list to communicate with your members and alumni directly, on a more regular basis. Below are some best practices to consider and an example of an email from a common email marketing service: Mailchimp.

Best practices: 

• Email with a purpose: make sure there is a clear call-to-action (i.e. Learn More, RSVP, etc.)

• Utilize updated and approved logos for group

• Include pictures to help complement text

• Focus on using high quality photos vs. quantity of photos

• Provide information about upcoming events

• Use links to different parts of your club’s website in reminders and information (membership, events, scholarship, etc.)

• Less is more – keep written content concise

• Talk about more than just sports: utilize stories from the University and the Alumni Magazine as well

• Make sure there is an easy way to sign up for your mailing: include a link on your group’s website