Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Required Reporting to be an active alumni club or society

To be considered an active club or society, the following requirements must be met

  • Yearly Officer Roster submitted via DocuSign
    • Be sure to include start dates on the board and start dates on their role
    • You can request a roster from your EO or Liaison and simply update
  • Yearly Membership Roster submitted via DocuSign
    • This is for dues-based membership (not required if your group participates in OSU’s donation-based membership program)
    • Minimum Data points needed – Name, Address, and Email
    • Must include expiration date of membership
  • All Board Meeting minutes, with attendance via DocuSign
  • Attendance at all events via DocuSign
    • Within 30 days of the event (whether seeking reimbursement or not)
      • Anything submitted after 30 days will not count towards a category 1 event
    • Even if you do not meet the minimum requirement for attendance, those that did attend still needs to be reported
    • Please be sure to submit all events, even if you’ve already met your tier or not for the year.  It’s important to us to continue to show the great work your groups do to ensure we have the resources to be able to continue our support of your groups.
  • Fundraiser
    • Funds can go towards your current use fund or scholarship fund
    • Individual donations from members should go through the Foundation
    • A donation-based membership drive will count
  • Host at least 1 game watch with attendance sheet to qualify (Alumni Clubs Only)
  • Proof of filing your yearly 990 with the IRS
  • Minimum of two board meetings