Resources for Alumni Volunteers

Recruit Deserving Students

It’s time to begin the process of club scholarships to deserving students recruited from your area through the Alumni Scholars Program (ASP).

Students have many choices when it comes to higher education and many times their decision is based on the financial aid package they receive. Therefore it is important that students see all the awards they are receiving when their initial financial aid information is posted. Your timeliness in submitting your Cover Sheet & Rank Sheets via email is necessary to make certain students receive complete financial information.

All forms can be found here

If you are a new leader, you will need to sign the Alumni Scholars Compliance Form if you have not already. Please email completed forms to Leslie Smith.

Learn more from October’s webinar on the club scholarship program.

Thank you for your continued support of the Alumni Scholars Program and all you do for Ohio State and prospective students. Feel free to contact Leslie Smith if you have questions or additional concerns.